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People often ask: What makes Chelsea Retirement Community unique among other senior living options? Without a doubt, few can boast the premier nursing and rehabilitative care options that we offer. Our beautifully remodeled Kresge Rehabilitation Center features excellent services from a top-notch staff of medical and therapeutic professionals.


Doctors throughout Michigan routinely refer patients to Kresge for short-term medical, nursing and rehabilitation needs. Many of our patients have been recently hospitalized and need more time to recover before returning home. Others have chronic medical conditions that also demand special attention but generally don’t require a hospital stay. At Kresge, our staff provides a unique and personal experience to each of our residents, while focusing on quality treatment and comfort.


Chelsea Retirement Community residents also find that having easy access to Kresge is a major benefit, allowing them to get back on their feet, and back to enjoying their passions in life, more quickly and easily. While on the road to recovery, patients can make themselves comfortable in attractively appointed private and semi-private rooms with generous common areas.


"Individualized attention. Teamwork. Encouragement and enthusiasm. These are some of the qualities that make Kresge such an excellent choice for short-term medical and rehabilitation services. It’s extremely gratifying to see my patients make tremendous progress and improve their quality of life at Kresge, and I will continue to refer people there."

Dr. Jennifer S. | Orthopedist


Please contact us today at 734.433.1000 to take a personal tour or to learn more about Kresge Rehabilitation Center!


  • Private and Semi-private Rooms
  • Top Notch Staff
  • Generous Common Areas
  • Comfortable Furnishings
  • The Latest in Equipment and Technology
  • Access to Campus Amenities
  • Wireless Internet